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Subaru Oil Change Service

The SUBARU BOXER® engine that powers your Subaru Outback, Subaru Crosstrek, or other Subaru model is a brilliant piece of engineering that needs to be kept lubricated in order to function as it should.

Subaru Oil Change Service at Austin Subaru

Engine oil lubricates the engine of your vehicle and needs to be changed regularly as it breaks down. When your Subaru is due for an oil change, come into Austin Subaru! Don’t put off this vital service. Our service center is available to help with your next oil change.

Oil Change Services

Subaru White Crosstrek

Conventional Oil Change

Conventional oil is the least expensive option. However, you will need to have conventional oil changed about every 3,500 miles to keep your engine in good shape.

Subaru Oil Service

Synthetic Oil Change

While synthetic oil may cost more at the time of service, it can actually save you money in the long run. Your Subaru can generally travel 6,000 miles between synthetic oil changes -- that's almost twice as long as conventional. Synthetic oil also offers other benefits, from keeping your engine cleaner to providing superior lubrication.

Subaru Certified Technician

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Ask about our synthetic blend oils, which combine some of the benefits of conventional and synthetic.

Choose Austin Subaru for Your Next Oil Change

The distinctive SUBARU BOXER® engine that makes your Subaru unique is best serviced by the people who understand it best: certified Subaru technicians. At Austin Subaru, we employ these expert technicians. They know what your Subaru needs and will work with a combination of accuracy and speed to ensure that it gets the service it requires, all in a timeframe that works for you. When they change your Subaru’s oil, our technicians make use of OEM parts and oil filters in addition to Subaru-approved oil for continued engine protection and performance. To make oil changes even better, we offer regularly updated service coupons that can help you save on these vital services!

Schedule an Oil Change

Since oil changes are fast and accessible services, you are welcome to stop by and use our right-most lane, the Subaru Express Service lane! If you’d prefer to schedule an appointment, please feel free to call us or click the button below. Our service center is open six days a week for your convenience, so stopping by for an oil change is just about a piece of cake!

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